Someone asked me the other day "What makes  you happy?" (It came in the context of social  interview on Facebook). And I said "Erm....  Nothing in particular."   Because,    really I'm not the type of person who goes absolutely ga-ga over things, and well lately I've sort of become feeling-less. So, I was  watching this documentary on DD. It was    about prominent Indian English writers and novelists in the last 20 years. The narrator rattled off name after name and book after book  right from R.K.Narayan's 'The Guide', 1969, to Chetan Bhagat's One Night @ Call Center,2005. But I realized that, I was actually excited and happy, when the narrator mentioned a few books I'd already read. And I was tremendously happy again  when I saw soo many books thaI had't read. Well Iknow, there are thousands, no, lakhs of books I haven't read, but, there was this treasure of books by Indian authors that was in store for me. Thanks to this documentary I also realised that I had a soft spot for Indian writers' works. And basically I. Was. Happy.
Okay, go on gag. And also think that I'm slightly off for making such a big deal out of finding that something as trival as being happy, when, for all I know, people are happy on thousands of occasionis every single day. even i think it's weird. But then, I am weird. Though, it has been nice discovering just how much i love reading. Books by Indian authors that too.
*Signing Off Now*
(Going to go ask Mum for an allowance to go second hand book shopping on Sunday ^_^)


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