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I can't explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb.


Brains should come with an on/off button. Seriously. I can't stop thinking right now, even though I'm on a break. The all-dreaded Math exam tomorrow. I don't know what I'm studying. I don't know what I'm going to write. All the chapter names seem familiar, look easy, but once I start trying to solve the sums, I remain there, trying. And tomorrow's exam Math-A is supposed to be really easy. Even I  actually liked it once upon a time. Once upon a time, when I wasn't neck deep in the middle of exams and trying to cram a years worth of lessons into my head and miraculously expect that I remember AND get good grades. *Sigh*
  My breaks not turning out to be a break at all.




Who am I?

Here's an old poem written by me

Who Am I?
This is the question I am trying to answer.
It’s not the question of my name, religion or ethnicity,
it is about my personality.
Sometimes shy, sometimes outspoken.
Sometimes happy, sometimes mad.
I want to fit in, but then again, I want to stand out.
I hate to be judged by how I look,
but that’s exactly what everyone does.
People think I am something, someone.
I am not the person of their perceptions.
But how can I tell them who I exactly am, if I,myself, am not sure?

ARGHHHHHHH!! I'm going mad!

I'm angry, frustrated, and screaming like the girl who is being tortured by multiple people! EHHHHHHHH!

Been writing physiscs record all day while listening to the first and second season of friends on my laptop. And there's no food in the house. And I got fever. Annnnnd my mood became totally  %#@$^%@$%&*$^!!
Have to complete So much more. Get the record signed by tomorrow, *NOT gonna happen since I don't have the sheets of an entire experiment*, prepare for the practical pre-final day after, study for the actual pref-finals from Monday. Wow. My life is just SO perfect. Innit? Yeah. I know. I know. It's all because of me.. why couldn't I have studied before, I could have avoided all this. Blah, blah, blah. I get enough of that from my mum already. One more reason I'm going mad  like this. I youtubed all the sickest metal songs and I'm listening to them at the highest volume possible. Hmm.. maybe it's pysho alter-ego  trying to torture me to death. But, I actually kinda like it. Anyway, I'll go torture myself more.
One final scream ( This time banshee wail) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

On a high! =D

  Zetsubou Billy.
 I got this song from a friend's cd. It was too screechy and it was in Japanese and I never paid much attention to it. But I heard this song again recently.... Got me on Freaking high! Especially in combo with Death Blooms. I have listened to heavy metal songs before but none of them have got me on a high before! Wow! These somgs are awesome!  *Head bangs again* Yay!
  In other news, I have just de-activated my facebook account. :(
 AND I have decided I'm going to study from today ( In fact, as soon as I finish updating this I'm gonna go do that. Seriously.) My Pre-final marks were texted to my parents yesterday. And I really messed those tests up. Didn't even get half the marks in Math. And you know what? My Dad didn't say a SINGLE word. You must think "How lucky!" but it really sucks more when parents don't say anything than when they yell at you really badly. Really, really hurts. And my Mom took me to a tuition, the one that I attended in the tenth grade. Apparently they started teaching Inter too. And you know what my mum said?  "Work hard for this one month you'll get atleast 60% in Math" Yikes! That stung. And I'm determined to go the tuition and study really hard and make my parents proud. And live up to the expectations of  everyone.
 *Gulp* Did I really say that? Huh. I did. It's going to be really, REALLY hard. But I'm going to give it my best shot. Didn't give studying any shot till now! =|
Blog post ka title tha, " On a high" but I'm extremely depressed now. Ironic isn't it? Well. That's the story of my life!

Telangana. A rant.

Yes, I know I must be the umpteenth person writing/cribbing about this, but still, can’t take the crackbrained discussion about the “Pro’s and Con’s” of creating a separate state everywhere I turn, when I can see NO pro to this proposal. In any which way.

Why don’t people get that only power hungry morons ( A certain clownlike ass-hole in mind) want a separate state of Telangana?

And TRS contested in the elections and lost. Which means, Duh-uh! People don’t want a freaking separate state!!!

You know what? A “peaceful” rally by the O.U. students includes trying to barge into areas they’re not supposed to be in. And pelting stones at the police, smashing public property and property owned by those people who’ve committed the henious crime of belonging to some other part of the country.They impose the fugly name telangana on every fuckin hospital, institution, building or SURFACE possible! Grrr!

My main problem with all this is the idea of the T.R.S. asking Andhra people to get out of their so-called land and thereby do justice to the locals. Dudes, when Raj Thackeray said the same thing in Mumbai protesting that the non-locals should get out and only the mumbaikars should remain, he was ARRESTED! Why don’ t I see anyone arresting these people then?They’ve even come up with a stupid slogan, (well, not so stupid because it really goes to show what they want) ‘Andhra walon bhago, Telangana walo jago”

I mean, Wtf? are the whole bunch of these people illiterate jerks? Ask 7th class kids, they’ll tell you.

The right to live/study/work in any part of the country is a Fundamental Right!

And why don’t these people think of the students? The dilemna thousands of families will be in if there is a separate Telangana? Even before there is a decision on anything, Andhra people all over Hyderabad are being tormented. It is the Andhra buses that are being burnt. It is the malls owned by Andhra people which are being vandalized. If they want Telangana to be developed that badly can’t they do anything while being a part of Andhra Pradesh? I’m not too sure, but I think people in U.P., Rajasthan have may more reaon to complain/fight for than Telanga people. If all the money that has been poured into this agitation, all that has been lost due to the incesasnt bandhs (News flash: Another one tomorrow) was actually utilized for something, people would have benefited. A lot.

And thus I end my rant. Still want to crib more. Gah.> >_<


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