On a high! =D

  Zetsubou Billy.
 I got this song from a friend's cd. It was too screechy and it was in Japanese and I never paid much attention to it. But I heard this song again recently.... Got me on Freaking high! Especially in combo with Death Blooms. I have listened to heavy metal songs before but none of them have got me on a high before! Wow! These somgs are awesome!  *Head bangs again* Yay!
  In other news, I have just de-activated my facebook account. :(
 AND I have decided I'm going to study from today ( In fact, as soon as I finish updating this I'm gonna go do that. Seriously.) My Pre-final marks were texted to my parents yesterday. And I really messed those tests up. Didn't even get half the marks in Math. And you know what? My Dad didn't say a SINGLE word. You must think "How lucky!" but it really sucks more when parents don't say anything than when they yell at you really badly. Really, really hurts. And my Mom took me to a tuition, the one that I attended in the tenth grade. Apparently they started teaching Inter too. And you know what my mum said?  "Work hard for this one month you'll get atleast 60% in Math" Yikes! That stung. And I'm determined to go the tuition and study really hard and make my parents proud. And live up to the expectations of  everyone.
 *Gulp* Did I really say that? Huh. I did. It's going to be really, REALLY hard. But I'm going to give it my best shot. Didn't give studying any shot till now! =|
Blog post ka title tha, " On a high" but I'm extremely depressed now. Ironic isn't it? Well. That's the story of my life!


An Ordinary Gal said...

work hard dear...everything will be fine...Thanks for dropping by my side and telling me about my mistakes...edit it whenever u r free bcz if i knew abt them i never did those mistakes...email edited post on riya_riya1109@rediffmail.com if possible...Thank You :)

S* said...

Sure! :)

Dee said...

" but I'm extremely depressed now. Ironic isn't it? Well. That's the story of my life!

<3 <3 <3

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