Although it's just the end of February and technically it's not Summer yet, it sure does feel  like it! The heat has begun to irk me already. >_>
  And I have so many mixed feelings about it. Once summer gets over I'll be FREE! Free from the CET crap, from 12th grade, from Junior College forever! I have a happy/sad feeling about leaving Junior College... All the memories, the experiences, the (few) friends.... BUT before this I have to face EAMCET- The CET to get into Engineering in A.P., and the competition is tremendous, and the syllabus is too. No surprises there, as I will be trying to learn two years portion in two months time. And then there's the question of coaching for this. The 'wonderful' corporate colleges offer a crash course but their timings are from 8 to 8 everyday. The coaching starts right from the day board exams get over. =\
I can go to other institutes but the ones near my house.. Well... I went to one coaching center in the First year and then quit it without informing anyone ( The sir there was kinda tormenting me) and now I can't possibly go back to the same institute right?  Hm.. I have to see. I guess this is going to the most monumental summer of  my whole life, in so many ways!

Bye-Bye Time.

Yes. It's time I disappeared off of the face of the innernet for a couple of months atleast. Ok, I know, I've been saying this for the month atleast, but THIS time I really really mean it! More than I really really meant the last time around, that's for sure. And now I just got off the phone with Annu, and she challenged me! She said I wouldn't last. ordinarily I admit this would be true, but not this time. My honour is at stake here. So, no more facebooking, orkutting, and blogging for another THREE weeks. *Sigh* I can tell it's gonna be a lonnng time. What with my scheduled dates with The Binomial Theorem, Co-ordinate Geometry and Calculus and getting to know them more intimately than I could ever hope/care for. *Re-reads what she has written.* =\ Oh well, I kinda get like this everytime I think about studying hard.
 This post was kinda purposeless, except to announce to my non-existent followers that I'm gonna be M.I.A. for a little while, AND to remind myself that I HAVE to stick to the plan.

Annnnyhow, wishing my self all the best. Adios!
P.S. I'm talking as if I'm dying and as if I'm going into the jungles and no one's sure if I'll comeback. No. I'm going to do Math. Something that is infinitely worse.

Engineering is NOT the end of the world.

*Snorts* Yeah. Try telling that to my parents.
If you haven’t read my earlier post. I’m in the 12th grade and I absolutely loathe math. And also Physics and chemistry to a certain extent, and my parents expect me to become an Engineer. I took them to see 3 idiots, springing the fact that I coaxed them to watch the movie only because of the Madhavan angle, at the last-minute. I used the dialogue “engineer banoongi to bhi bura Engineer banungi” on them :| Nope. No effect. I keep dropping hints every chance I get about how I hate this and they’re making me do it. Finally my Mum blew up one day and said “Yeah do whatever you want. I’m not forcing you to do anything. You go ahead and do your degree( She said this as if it was a swear word). No pressure at all. I just want to see my daughter succeed like Sumana ( Brilliant Engineer of the family) I’ll give up my dreams. Go ahead and do whatever you want”
That’s right. I can do anything I want. Only if I do what I want I’ll be fit for nothing. :|
Why do parents have this stance that Engineering/Medicine are the only acceptable streams for their darling children to take, irrespective of their interests? Sure, nowadays parents are more open to other streams, but I still see this attitude prevalent everywhere. “Degree student ho tho life mein waste, engineer ho tho kuch value hota hai society mein” Yeah right. There are loads of people in the non E stream who get paid more than engineers. Sure, the starting salary may not be the same, but what about the job satisfaction? What about your passion?
I really want to become a writer. While that may not be possible just like that, I’m always interested in anything creative. Any creative task and I jump up to do it asked/unasked. But I’m being made to sit and study Bayer’s theorem and acetylation and alkylation. None of which make sense and I don’t care a rat’s fart about them. But who cares? Eamcet mein I have to get rank and become an Engineer. I’m warning you people, if I ever become an Engineer and actually build a bridge or something, DON’T cross it! :D
*Sigh* Life’s depressing. You don’t know just HOW much I envy kids whose parents let them do whatever they want. SO jealous.:(
Some people hate studying.They don’t want anything to do with books. But I DO. Only not M.P.C. I can read pages and pages of History. I can immerse myself in Civics. Read hundreds of Books, review them. I really want to learn new stuff. Politics, Current affairs, World wars, India- Just LOVE these things. I spend time researching/reading about them even when I don’t have to. Not just that I don’t have to I’m never gonna need anyy of those if I become an Engineer (Okay, I’ll be an Engineer who’s aware of the world, but who hires worldly-wise engineers anyway? All they see is your bloody G.P.A. >_>)
This wasn’t a coherent post. I know. But I just HAD to get it out of my system!

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