Bye-Bye Time.

Yes. It's time I disappeared off of the face of the innernet for a couple of months atleast. Ok, I know, I've been saying this for the month atleast, but THIS time I really really mean it! More than I really really meant the last time around, that's for sure. And now I just got off the phone with Annu, and she challenged me! She said I wouldn't last. ordinarily I admit this would be true, but not this time. My honour is at stake here. So, no more facebooking, orkutting, and blogging for another THREE weeks. *Sigh* I can tell it's gonna be a lonnng time. What with my scheduled dates with The Binomial Theorem, Co-ordinate Geometry and Calculus and getting to know them more intimately than I could ever hope/care for. *Re-reads what she has written.* =\ Oh well, I kinda get like this everytime I think about studying hard.
 This post was kinda purposeless, except to announce to my non-existent followers that I'm gonna be M.I.A. for a little while, AND to remind myself that I HAVE to stick to the plan.

Annnnyhow, wishing my self all the best. Adios!
P.S. I'm talking as if I'm dying and as if I'm going into the jungles and no one's sure if I'll comeback. No. I'm going to do Math. Something that is infinitely worse.


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