Engineering is NOT the end of the world.

*Snorts* Yeah. Try telling that to my parents.
If you haven’t read my earlier post. I’m in the 12th grade and I absolutely loathe math. And also Physics and chemistry to a certain extent, and my parents expect me to become an Engineer. I took them to see 3 idiots, springing the fact that I coaxed them to watch the movie only because of the Madhavan angle, at the last-minute. I used the dialogue “engineer banoongi to bhi bura Engineer banungi” on them :| Nope. No effect. I keep dropping hints every chance I get about how I hate this and they’re making me do it. Finally my Mum blew up one day and said “Yeah do whatever you want. I’m not forcing you to do anything. You go ahead and do your degree( She said this as if it was a swear word). No pressure at all. I just want to see my daughter succeed like Sumana ( Brilliant Engineer of the family) I’ll give up my dreams. Go ahead and do whatever you want”
That’s right. I can do anything I want. Only if I do what I want I’ll be fit for nothing. :|
Why do parents have this stance that Engineering/Medicine are the only acceptable streams for their darling children to take, irrespective of their interests? Sure, nowadays parents are more open to other streams, but I still see this attitude prevalent everywhere. “Degree student ho tho life mein waste, engineer ho tho kuch value hota hai society mein” Yeah right. There are loads of people in the non E stream who get paid more than engineers. Sure, the starting salary may not be the same, but what about the job satisfaction? What about your passion?
I really want to become a writer. While that may not be possible just like that, I’m always interested in anything creative. Any creative task and I jump up to do it asked/unasked. But I’m being made to sit and study Bayer’s theorem and acetylation and alkylation. None of which make sense and I don’t care a rat’s fart about them. But who cares? Eamcet mein I have to get rank and become an Engineer. I’m warning you people, if I ever become an Engineer and actually build a bridge or something, DON’T cross it! :D
*Sigh* Life’s depressing. You don’t know just HOW much I envy kids whose parents let them do whatever they want. SO jealous.:(
Some people hate studying.They don’t want anything to do with books. But I DO. Only not M.P.C. I can read pages and pages of History. I can immerse myself in Civics. Read hundreds of Books, review them. I really want to learn new stuff. Politics, Current affairs, World wars, India- Just LOVE these things. I spend time researching/reading about them even when I don’t have to. Not just that I don’t have to I’m never gonna need anyy of those if I become an Engineer (Okay, I’ll be an Engineer who’s aware of the world, but who hires worldly-wise engineers anyway? All they see is your bloody G.P.A. >_>)
This wasn’t a coherent post. I know. But I just HAD to get it out of my system!


S said...

Hey S*

This looked like pages of my diary when I was your age..I am nostalgic..
And I totally understand your state of mind..
the only thing I'd like to tell you is to keep ur calm..and stick to ur guts..
things will fall into place for sure :) as for parents, they will understand S* ultimately. Been there, done that..
(Though my parents did not require too much coaxing)
all the best to u..
Nice blog :)

S* said...

Haha! If only things would fall into place! (I decided not to think about that much as of now) Anyway, thanks for dropping by and commenting :)

Dee said...

Hmmm well now dah u did begin yur journey towards being one engineer.....pls warn us "which brdige did u design" (my trademark pj ) :P

BUT ...... AS U told ENGINEERING is not the end of the world!!! U shud dutifully finish the course though . DONOT ignore other read thru pages of history!!
BAD i couldn support u much now....U goto do things which i dint :P
m talkin as if in 60 ryt :P

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