Although it's just the end of February and technically it's not Summer yet, it sure does feel  like it! The heat has begun to irk me already. >_>
  And I have so many mixed feelings about it. Once summer gets over I'll be FREE! Free from the CET crap, from 12th grade, from Junior College forever! I have a happy/sad feeling about leaving Junior College... All the memories, the experiences, the (few) friends.... BUT before this I have to face EAMCET- The CET to get into Engineering in A.P., and the competition is tremendous, and the syllabus is too. No surprises there, as I will be trying to learn two years portion in two months time. And then there's the question of coaching for this. The 'wonderful' corporate colleges offer a crash course but their timings are from 8 to 8 everyday. The coaching starts right from the day board exams get over. =\
I can go to other institutes but the ones near my house.. Well... I went to one coaching center in the First year and then quit it without informing anyone ( The sir there was kinda tormenting me) and now I can't possibly go back to the same institute right?  Hm.. I have to see. I guess this is going to the most monumental summer of  my whole life, in so many ways!


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