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Who is a fool?

An eternal optimist?
A die-hard pessimist?

Someone who believes in true- love?
Someone who doesn't believe in love?

One who cares too much?
One who doesn't care at all?

Someone who's extremely sensitive?
Someone who's very hard?

One who has no opinion?
One who is very opinionated?

Someone who asks too many questions?
Someone who doesn't ask questions at all?

I'll tell you who's a fool. YOU! For reading this crap I came up with! Hahaha!Happy belated April fool's day guys! xD

And I PROMISE I'll make a serious attempt at the next Blog-A-Ton. :)

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    geeta said...

    good one ....Liked it..

    S* said...

    Haha! Thanks! xD

    Mural! said...

    awesome post! this is the second such post which has been hell bent on making the readers fools :P

    but seriously, nice first attempt for BAT 9, hope your writing keeps on getting better ;)

    Read Up mine: Murali - Fool

    Mahesh Kalaal said...

    hmmm....thanks and wish u d same :)

    S* said...

    Wow! It's the first time I got so many comments, and that too appreciating-ish ones! *Hi-5*
    Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!

    And Mural!- I hope my writing keeps on gettin better too :D

    rahulamigo said...

    Sweet...Nice ending..

    All the best!

    Guria said...

    Interesting foolhardy... but to answer your questions... it's somewhere in between, the happy fool! :D
    P.S. Yeah, you guessed right, am the real one fooled in here! :P =))

    Jayanta Deka said...

    Funny, foolish post!
    Nice way to say... "I fooled you"
    My first time here, will come again. Following for nw.
    Keep the spark alive..
    Cheers Life

    aativas said...


    Mehak said...

    hmm i don't think this is 'crap'! Really liked it but maybe you could have added some more lines before ending it! all the best :)

    the Neeraj Norms... said...

    Your questions make a lot of sense to me... Let me try to answer them...

    Too much of anything is always misleading... A balanced way of life is a way towards sanity and normalcy! Keep dishing out such great thoughts...

    Vipul Grover said...

    lol.. tht was nice sadhana.. nd well, tht was not at all a crap.. Indeed, extremity of anything can tend to foolishness.. vry intrsting post :)

    Blog-a-Tonically Yours
    Vipul Grover

    S* said...

    Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post!

    ☆Tharangni☆ said...

    lol! really funny way of depicting a fool! :) nice one! :)

    Sadhana said...

    Arigato! x)

    Romeo Das said...

    Really a nice post.

    Loved it !
    Romeo :)

    S* said...

    Hey! Thanks a lot! :)

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