Just another Update.

So. This is to remind myself more than my Followers ( The awesome few that there are! : D ) of what I've been upto. Orrr.. To be more correct, of how I've been whiling my time doing nothing for the past ( What?!It's been 40 days already? ) Yes, so technically I haven't been exactly not doing anything for the past ten days. I've been to two weddings, but I'm saving that for another post)

I've finished high school, and currently I've nowhere to go. College I mean. My real results aren't out yet and I'm just waiting. And waiting. Annnnd waiting. I think I might just decompose in the process! I thought I'd do SO many things these hols, but so far I haven't done anything. Except make a decent progress through my to-read list.  ( Btw, Shantaram? It isn't as great as I tho.ught it'd be. : | I'm not even a quarterway through the book though)

My friends. Ah. Well. They're kinda jobless too, but I feel everyone is making more use of their time than mine. And having more fun too. :|

I'm getting back on YWS from today : ) ( Thanks to LAVAAAA! )

And and and I want to read A Catcher In The Rye. But I don't have it *sigh*

I have been online for 6 hours today! : D Listened to some awesome new Indian bands! w00t!

That's all for now!

I'll post more nonsense-y posts soon!


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