My first interview.

I found the website's link through a newspaper article, it seemed to be the answer to my search. It was a website   which had Internships listings for students. I eagerly signed up, and I found that I had to make a resume for it.
'A resume?' I thought, 'No big deal' and I made one for my self like the one's I did for my 12th class English in under 5 minutes. ' There. Done.' I thought. But NOT. The next day I was going through the resume guide and the sample resume given there was SO much better, and I saw my cousin's resume and it was very good too. So I created another resume from scratch again, this time, paying more attention to the details. I slogged over it for about 3 or 4 hours and finally when I was done, it was 12 am! And in that tired sleepy phase I applied to about 10 internships! And I fell asleep immediately.

Two Days Later:

 I log onto the website again, to find that I've been shortlisted for two internships! One as a content writer, and the other as a freelance shirt designer! I corresponded with both the companies and I found that the interview for the content writing internship was the next day! I didn't have a portfolio, I didn't have copies of my resume, nothing! So I sat down that night, dug up an old Global Warming essay I'd written for the school magazine, and wrote another article on the trend of Corporate Schools that night ( Bugged Lava a lot! ) and I took the print outs the next day, the margins of my resume weren't proper so it looked very amateur-ish.

           And so I went. Along with Mum. We didn't know the address or anything about this company and I could tell that my mum was apprehensive. We reached there after about an hour and I went into the office and one guy asked me if I was Sadhana and I thought maybe no else applied for this. He turned out to be the guy who emailed  me and he conducted the interview. Mind you, I had absolutely no preparation, and I only attended the interview because I had nothing better to do. So he asks for my resume and I tell him that it isn't properly printed and hand it over. And he asks me " Tell me about your self" and I'm thinking "Whuuuuuuuuut? Me? " And I manage to not show my unpreparedness by blabbering something about how I'm going to turn 18 and the college I just graduated from. He asked me about my hobbies and I brightened up, because this was one thing I could answer well and so I told him " I read a lot. I like art. I surf the internet" when he interrupts me with " What books have you read?" and I answered him by telling the names of my favourite authors instead of the books. He took a look at my article on corporate schools and I told him that I felt very strongly about the issue and he asked me if the content was genuine so I told him to google it if he wanted. : P He asked me if I could put in enough time as I was just going to start Undergrad. And I assured him that I could

Then, he took the articles to his boss and asked me and mum if we wanted to see the office, which we did, and it was pretty decent. I saw a huuge Apple computer on one desk, and there were about 10 people working in cabins. He told me that they would let me know if I got the internship on Monday, and that. Was. It. My first interview ever! ( And I'm happy that I got the job. Or well, internship. : D )


Destiny's child... said...

That's really cool! Even my first job interview was for the post of a content writer. I was in my teens too. And the whole situation was pretty much the same. So yeah, I found it very relatable :)

Rakesh @ Wizard Journal said...

A tip format your paragraphs often, it makes reading easier and your blog will look less messy. :D Coincidentally i love writing too :D

S* said...

@ Destiny's child- Thanks! I don't know why I didn't see your comment before!

@ Rakesh- Well, the pay I get is 3k per month. But they were actually offering 3-6k for the job. I guess I'm getting this much because I'm a fresher.

Yeah, I should write in shorter paragraphs but it's kinda difficult because that's the way I speak .I go onn rambling! : D

It's cool that you like writing too! And you've got a really nice blog.

P.S.Thanks for answering the questions!

Artemisia D. said...

Hey can you give me the link to the website? :)
And congratulations!

S* said...

Thanks! :)

It's (Weird right?)

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