Aimless. Lifeless.

Engineering colleges in Hyderabad start in 3 days. I still don't know where I'm going.

Here's all the places I thought I'd go to,all the courses I thought I'd take up.

>EFLU - Mass. Comm.
>Francis.- Mass. Comm
>Somewhere in Delhi. B.A. Journalism
>Symbiosis-Mass. Comm
>Long term- To get into all the above
>Bhavan's- ??
>MGIT-  Engg
>CBIT- Engg
>Stanley- Engg
> SNIST-Engg

After all the non engg related options were ruled out by my 'rents, I was under the impression that I was going to SNIST( to study IT- bleh)  for the last 40 odd days. But I'm not so sure any longer. It's even hard for me to believe when I was um.. maybe what you can call as actually looking forward to college. And wearing new clothes. And meeting new people. And maybe even making friends with them. But I've come to a point where I no longer care. I don't care if I don't go to the college on the first day. I don't care about my new not so shiny clothes. I don't care about the people who will be my classmates. I don't even care about the college I'm going to go to. And believe about a month back, these were a BIG deal. So big in fact, that I wanted me and my friend to come up with "HNTBSFU" How not to be socially fucked up, so that I might, well, be not socially fucked up anymore. But now, I no longer want to be not socially fucked up. You know what else? The last time I really made friends was in 1999 or 2000. :|

Okay. I'm done. You can go about your life again, having gained nothing from this post and in fact, after losing  your time on this. : \

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