I think I have a problem. A very serious reading problem. Oh, all right, continue rolling you eyes and laughing or whatever it is that you're doing on treading those lines. But IT'S TRUE! I can't not finish a book once I've started reading it! I don't know if I was always like this, or if it happened gradually but this came to my attention when recently, I finished reading Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy ( A massive novel of about 1400 pages) in three days! I read non-stop for 10 and a half hours in one day to finish it. I was zombied out for the rest of the day, but I thought that I read it like that only because the novel was so awesome! ( maybe a post on that later)

   Yesterday, a book that I ordered from flipkart.com ( Really nice service. You should try it out)  Keep Off The Grass arrived at about 6.20 and I was done reading it by 9.45! I looked at the time and I thought WTH?! and that's when I realized about this little reading problem of mine.
      Well, I don't consider it to much of a problem (except for my eyes which feel like they'll drop out of my sockets any time) but I think maybe I should spend a little more time on the books. It's like I have this weird compulsion to know how the book ends, what the characters will do and I can't really rest until I know that. And because of this I read stuff very fast ( Or maybe my reading speed is like that) and I tend to forget little details in the book a few days later and they don't completely sink in unless I read the books for a second time. ( And because of this I have to suffer my friends' unjust accusations that I do not read properly and just skim through. -_- )

  Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading from the kindle which I'll probably get in December. Here's the story behind it. I've been obsessing about buying an e-book reader since 4 months and I even spent 6-7 hours researching about various e-book readers and stuff and I finally zeroed down on Amazon Kindle 3. It's something I can actually afford to buy unlike the i-pad (which is AWESOME btw) I thought I'll ask a cousin of mine who's coming to India in December to buy it in the U.S. for me and I could pay her when she came here. Then one day I'm online, chatting with her and she asks me if I want the kindle! I was pleasantly shocked and I told her how I wanted to ask her to buy it for me and she said she had some coupons and nothing to buy from Amazon anyway. I was/am embarrassed because a kindle after all is no small thing , and she's not even earning but what the hell. I GET A KINDLE! : D

And I also decided I'll stop telling you how worthless my every post is. You already know that don't you?


Mehak said...

not worthless at all. in fact, a very funny, entertaining and cute post! :)

S* said...

Hey! Thank you so much! : )

Ananya said...

Whoa! An Amazon Kindle 3!! You're so lucky! :/
BTW, Kindle>>>>>>>>>>>>>iPad

Sadhana. said...

What? Really?? I never laid my hands on a Kindle, so I don't really know.

Ananya said...

Kindle's battery power is so awesome and the texture of the screen feels like paper :D

Sadhana. said...

Yay me! then : D

Anonymous said...

A Kindle! No matter how much I prefer books over e-books, the Kindle does have uses when you have to travel to college.

Sadhana. said...

^Exactly! Plus, our college has wi-fi, soooo.

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