Flat No. 402 at V.Vihar.

I live in an apartment in which 7 of the 15 flats are owned by my relatives. Two of whom are my aunts (Dad's sisters)


  • The FOOOOOD. Whenever anyone makes anything naice, I get to eat it. :D Awesome no? 
  •  I get the latest scoop on what's going with the fam., and I can dodge my Mum's accusations that I live in a parallel universe all the time by quoting at her these scoops. 
  • Anyone who comes to Hyderabad visits my house as there are already so many people living in this building. It's like one of those "must-visit" places when you go to some city or something.
  • My Grandmom comes to stay and stays for a long time too. :) ( Okay, she would've, regardless of wherever we lived, but still. ) 
  • I also have access to a Veena, guitar, keyboard and i-pad (well, I can look at it) :P. 


  •    This is ironic, but yeah the fooood.  Sometimes, I'm pestered to eat, eat and EAT even when I'm  not remotely hungry. -_-
  • Some conversations go like this- 
           Cousin no !# from the U.S. who I hadn't spoken to in a long time- So. I hear you went out with            
            friends. Where did you go? 
           Me- Huh? Wth? How do you know? 
          Cousin- My mother in law saw you and your friends go out and she told me. You left your hair open or  
           something no? 
          Me- Uh. Yeah. :/ 

If you couldn't guess her MIL is one of the relatives who lives in my building. 

  • You know I told you about all those relatives who come by? Well, it might not be such a good thing after all. You know how you like to lounge around in your oldest pj's and holey shirts at 2 p.m. in the summer hols when you have nothing to do? Right? Riiiight? Wrong. I mean, I can't. My mom won't let me "in case any one comes home" and the two times I WAS wearing such stuff, people came home and it was really really embarrassing and I had to go and hide in my room. 
  • I love hanging out in my balcony, just observing the world pass by and being cut-off from the house.  Once, I was being all reflective, I put my chin on the balcony railing and I was staring at the skyline and all when I hear voices. "Sadhana! Sadhana!" I was puzzled and I looked into my room when it was apparently from above. Yes, from my aunt's flat. She was standing there above me, beaming,               " What are you doing all alone? Come up!" I had nothing to do anyway, so I went. And I was just telling her about college when she sits me down and hands me a glass to paint on.                               "Do this glass painting" she said after giving me the design and showing me how to use the glass colors and left. :| And I sat there for 3 hours and really did the painting! ( Okay, well this might not be such a bad thing, but hey! did you see how I can't reflect also? :P) 
  • My other grandmom and aunt and cousins don't come here much. At all. 
  • Suppose, suppose, my parents left me on my own with my friends and went of town. Can we sneak out/have a craaazy party? NO. : (                                                                                                           ( Not that they'd ever do that, but you gotta have hope right? : P )

Painting which I did. Nice only no? : D


Webbie said...

Hey Sadhana,

the amazon kindle in india is now available for about Rs. 10000 and there is also infibeam pi in the list of good ebook readers now.

check them out.

- Rakesh

S* said...

Oh. I will. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I jus love this one.....how i wish yur aunts can read this :P :P

Sadhana. said...

Ammo!! Don't want! And you also don't go and tell okay? :D

NaIsha said...

LOl ....Lol Muhahaha , i seriously miss... irritating yu!!

Sadhana. said...

Okay who was that anonymous person? WHy NALSHA? O_O

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