New beginnings.

It's finally official. SNIST it is. The college where I'm joining I mean. The orientation was today and I couldn't attend it because my admission hadn't been conformed until the evening. After waiting in the office and then running around to the bank, home, office, home, office, bank again allll day, I'm bloody tired right now.

        The orientation is apparently for three days, tomorrow and day-after being "personality development" sessions. N.S. doesn't want to attend, but I think I'm in some dire need of personality development. Earlier, I wanted to have as much fun as possible. I wanted a "cool-crowd" whom I could hang out with. But now, after my Dad has had to pay such an obscene amount of money to just enroll me in the college ( on account of me not being meritorious enough) , now, all I want to do is get good grades. I never thought I'd say this, but here I am saying I want to study. And engineering that too. Hence personality development workshop it is for me!

   Also, as I mentioned earlier, I wanted not to be socially fucked up anymore. I thought I'd talk to people more and stuff, so this may as well help. But I've regained my confidence due to my " Rendezvous with strangers" : D

So.. I think I'm ready for college and whatever it has to offer ( Well, I think. ) I asked N.S. ( We're going to be in the same college! Yay! ) to give me a kick whenever I lose interest in studying, and I'm sincerely hoping she lives up to her promise. Kt and Ap ( who are in the same college) also had their orientation today, and it was just so, SO weird to think that we're all "Engineering students" now. It somehow just doesn't feel like it ( Though what being an engineering student feels like, don't ask me! ) So no more " Oh-my-parents-are-making-me-study-science-so-i-dont-do-well" crap from me. Also, I think I'll start a new blog to write only about college later. : )

That's all folks! Off to college tomorrow!

P.S. - In the morning, I dropped by my grandparents' house. So I told my Ammamma ( maternal grandma) that I had college form tomorrow. She consulted her star charts and calendars and even called up a couple of purohits and expressly forbade me from going! ' It's not a good time' she insisted. Apparently I should have gone before 10 a.m. today, or I can go after 11. a.m. tomorrow. I can't go the day-after because it's the day before Amavasya and I can't go after that because it IS Amavasya. And if I go on Saturday, Sunday will be a holiday so there'll be a 'dvitiya vigham' so finally she arrived at the solution that I should attend the college from next week.

These grownups I tell ya!



Ananya said...

Wow! I'm soooo happy for you. :)

Sadhana. said...

Hey! Thanks a lot Ananya! :)

sahiti said...

that part about your grandmum forbidding you to go to college really made me laugh :D

Sadhana. said...


HPmania said...

Hi Sadhana,
Thanks for stopping by :) I really liked your blog and it was hard not to 'follow'! :)
Goodluck with college. I'm sure you're having fun.

Sadhana. said...

Thank YOU for reading! :)

I'm a HPmaniac too!

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