And I'm done with the first two internals of my Engineering life. How were they, you ask? Epic, epic EPIC bad. Especially Math. I could see the entire intergalactic system in front my eyes when I saw the objective paper. And  after coming out from the hall, I went about telling everyone "The paper totally raped me" Yeah, go on, accuse me of being a perv. or whatever. I don't care. That was the worst exam of my life. I was aghast for an entire hour after writing the test. On the *slightly* brighter side, almost everyone didn't do that well, so yeah.

              Physics, which was the other exam of the day ( yes, we have TWO in a day) wasn't so bad but like all the other Physics tests I've written, I could've done MUCH better. I forgot  an answer which I've been learning for over two years. Bragg's Law, if anyone knows it.

              And that was how it was on the first day of internals. I wanted this to be recorded for posterity, or well as long as this blog stays. Good times y'know?


Ananya said...

Wish you a happy result time! :D

Sadhana. said...

Ananyaaa! Why're you reminding me of results already?? :'(

Rakesh said...

I know bragg's law... to start with. And yes, it happens... i still remember my second term paper of mathematics, slept 2 hours so well... can't explain. :P

BWC said...

Oh boy, can i relate. Just wrote a string of exams that I may as well have not prepared for, seeing as how the results would've been the same either way.
Yup.Good times.

Ananya said...

What did I do? *angel smile*
BTW, I still don't know Bragg's law. And I did pass in Physics.

Sadhana. said...


Ananya- But we DID get that in the final exam. I think. No? ( Okay, it doesn't matter. Even I don't know what it is.. properly :/)

IcE MaiDeN said...

Ah... fond memories of sitting blank in the Physics exam 1st semester, and think "holy crap I'm so screwed!" and almost passing out due to nervousness :)... Cut to 8th Semester when idle doodling on the question paper was the source of some great art! :D

Thanks for following my blog, and this post, which got some great memories back! :) :)


Sadhana. said...

Ah.. 8th semester! I wonder how I'll be then!! Thank YOU for following my blog. Means a lot! : )

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