A Happy Diwali to anyone who cares!

 So, you must have noticed the change in title of the blog. Um, yeah. I thought changing times called for a change in the title. I noticed that I no longer "muse" and I'm more of a socially fucked up person than a "bored teenager" and hence, I present to you "Ramblings of a social retard". Because let's face it, I AM a social retard and the tales and thoughts that I present to you just go on to confirm it. Bleh.


Mehak said...

Happy Diwali, fellow social retard! i'm loving the title coz it applies to me too!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I personally feel that's it's wrong to use the word retarded as pejorative. It mocks the disabled and that's just wrong. You might like it and think it's clever but it speaks volumes about your character.

Sadhana. said...

^ I don't think it's clever and I mean NO disrespect to disabled people. NO DISRESPECT AT ALL. I am empathetic to their plight and it never ever ever crossed my mind that the tile would be thought by people as mocking disabled people.

Sadhana. said...

Oh and Mehak, Thanks! :D

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