Zonty Ze Zoker.

NS and I skipped college yesterday to *ahem* write assignments. But what we mostly did was visit Jonty's college for a fest that was going on there. She was playing a skeleton or something in the scary house. How could we not go?

Anyway, the scary house was in a seminar hall of sorts and there was a HUUGE crowd in front of it. Seriously. The outside looked nice too, with a snazzy poster.

Believe it or not, we had had to wait for more than hour to get in. Meanwhile they had a break for lunch and we sneaked in from the back door to see what was going on and met Jonty. She was awesome as the Joker 
( She looked more like The Joker than a skeleton)  There was one girl who had scary stuff painted over her face and she was dangling on top of a shelf with her head tilted to her side and we were all chatting for a while when a short girl, who was Chinese I think, with straiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight black hair and jet black eyes wearing a white petticoat came out from behind a partition. NS and I were looking at her curiously when she put her hands in front and charged straight at us! It was SO freaky and AWESOME! She was playing the part of 'the little girl'  ghost apparently, and she had red makeup around the eyes and two drops on her face which looked like blood dribbling down from her eyes! Their show had to resume soon, so we left and we were again trying to get in through the main door. Tired of waiting we went to explore the other stuff. There was a snake show and   some Jurassic Park or something and exhibits all over but one school mate we ran into told us that there were specimens in the Zoology lab so we went in search of it and we saw this there- 
Say hello to pickled Cobra~

    Finally the girl at the door took pity on us and let us in, and I was quite scared because it was really really dark, pitch black actually, and I couldn't see a THING. As we progressed through the room, we encountered the Little Girl and I said ( Yelled, more like)  "Hey! You're the little girl right?" and even though she was being all scary, I saw her smile when I said that and then when we went into the last row I was calling out " Jonty! Jonty! Where are you?" and then I waved at the girl who was on top of the shelf and it was the end of the scary house. xD Funny it was. Lol. 

Ooh, we also kind of stalked a hot senior from our Inter college who was also at this fest. He was HOT. He looked like Orlando Bloom! 

Finally, I end with a pic of Zonty the Zoker ( It's blurred and stuff) 


Anonymous said...

Lorem Ipsum, indeed!

Anyway, it's awesome that you guys have such an interesting college fest-thing. What we have sucks. Unless you count the bigger universities like Anna, SRM, IIT. (Yeah,that's all.)


Sadhana. said...

Gah, I can't figure out how to get the Lorem Ipsum thing off the background ( Itneresting fact that it may be) And it's not our college fest, I'd visited a friend's college. I'm pretty sure that my college fest sucks too. So, don't worry you've got company!

Anonymous said...

what exactly is a social retard? it's it just so demeaning to people with special needs to use the word retard? Have you ever considered that?

BWC said...

Are you sure looking like the Joker was unintentional? Also: that looks like SO much fun!
@Laav What do you mean like "Anna". My foot!

Sadhana. said...

Yep, unintentional, but she totally looks like The Joker!
It WAS fun! :)

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