Question for you.

Is it "liking" someone if you want to be BFF's with them?

-Don't get any ideas. Research for a story.  =P


Did I tell you I think this year's going to be AWESOME? No? Well,  it is. I can feel it. So, I'm starting this 100 books project today, and it's all thanks to these guys    -- > Fuzzy, BWC and Lucid. < --
I've started a new blog for it because I didn't want to inundate this one with the pics of books I read. Please take a look. :) 
           It's the day of judgment today. The SKC report on Telangana is finally out. I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but I live, literally a stone's throw away from the epicenter of the agitation, and so, earlier today when the report was just out, my Dad suddenly asked me "Want to see what's happening live?"  "YEAH!!"
         So we went. Sadly they didn't let us go near O.U., but I saw the barricade of R.AF. officer's and almost 9 of their vans! I wonder what the city will be like tonight and tomorrow (Heck, I don't care about tomorrow, except maybe if it's a bandh, I just don't want anything to happen tonight. I MIGHT go to a Karaoke night with my cousins! :D )

        I don't know what's happening with me of late, I'm sleeping very early and DEEPLY and a LOT. I was an insomniac once. :S

Today morning when I woke up, it was like I was hungover or something, I woke up with a head-ache, and I apparently woke up earlier, roamed around and spoke to my Dad (I don't remember doing anything at ALL) :O

I also "rang-in" the new year by being in deep sleep ( I *think* I kinda yelled at someone who called me to wish. : | )

 Also, I didn't even post ONCE about college which is very surprising, because college takes up most of my life ( We sometimes have it even on Sundays! )

I will always remember 2010 for

1) Sharath coaching classes. BEST time ever. Even though I was supposed to be studying for eamcet then, Kt and I, we used to go there EVERY day from 6 to 12, but we hardly studied anything! The things we did there, my-my! We still keep laughing about it!

2) 4 months of holidays- I DON'T KNOW WHAT I DID IN ALL THAT TIME!! I don't remember watching many movies, or reading many books or going out or anything!! Bizarre!

3) Starting college- Engineering- the time of your life that is supposed to be THE best, but so far it has mostly been a hate-don't mind it much phases thing for me.

4) I also decided in this year that I *have* to get sloshed and stoned at least once in my life. ( I hope to finish the sloshed part in 2011 :D )

Also, my blog's becoming crappier and crappier by the post. HELP PLISS?

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