Did I tell you I think this year's going to be AWESOME? No? Well,  it is. I can feel it. So, I'm starting this 100 books project today, and it's all thanks to these guys    -- > Fuzzy, BWC and Lucid. < --
I've started a new blog for it because I didn't want to inundate this one with the pics of books I read. Please take a look. :) 


Anonymous said...

Glad you joined!

HPmania said...

I'm excited for you! :-)
And looking forward to your reviews!!

Ananya said...

100 books in one year? Dude, I'd die out of happiness if I read 10 :O

Sadhana. said...

HPmania- thanks! :)

Ananya- My TARGET'S 100 books! I dunno how many I'll be able to read though. DEF more than 10 but :P

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