Externals. *gulp*

Yes, yes, I'm blogging about exams again. But what do I do? It seems as if that's all I'm doing these days. Writing exams I mean. We have 3 theory internals in a semester of 4 months. 2 Lab internals. And then right after the 3rd theory internal we have lab externals and immediately after lab externals. :O right? Right!

I have my beloved Physics external tomorrow. There are about 6 chapters that I need to study and I'm only done partially with about 2. : / I don't know how I'm going to write tomorrow. I've been watching HIMYM instead of studying. I don't even feel tensed right now. I'm a freak. : \

That's all.



The Blue Periwinkle said...

Thats what I did during my boards...watched back to back 'House MD' and 'HIMYM'!


And Physics!!
why-o-why!! :O

All the best with exams!

Sadhana. said...


Physics is DONE! And I shall pass! \m/

Thanks! : )

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