Hey You- 2!

Since I mentioned about people who made an impact on our lives. I want to thank these people, for, you know existing/ having existed. I don't know them, and even if I do, I may have crossed their mind for about a milli second or so, but even then. Here's to them.


 I want to tell you how honoured I am that I'm your grand-daughter and show you all that I've written and I would have probably written more and better if you were here. I also feel kind of happy and guilty when people compare me to you. Happy because well, obviously that's a high praise. And guilty, because I've done nothing to deserve that. I promise that one day I will live up to your name and treasure all the books of yours that have been passed down to me.

                         -Your only grand-daughter who was unlucky enough not to have known you.


You're simply awesome. I look up to you. I wish I had the courage to quit engineering and pursue what I want, like you did. And the causes you believe in and the things you write? Amazing. I also stalk your facebook page every once in a while, only because you post links to such awesome stuff I never would've heard of otherwise. I hope you come back to India, and do something for this country we both love in the same way. Good luck with A.A. (Yes, yes, stalking told me all about her too.)

                        -The girl who once commented on your blog.


You're awesome too. My stalker-ish tendencies started with your profiles, I believe. You are like GOD man, really. Thank you for the bands, for the inspiration, for saving from killing my self due to stress and boredom during boards and eamcet. You sing awesomely too. \m/
I hope I run into you someday.

                      -A fan. Literally.


I don't want to THANK you. Not really. Just want to say. TALK TO ME DAMMIT.

                        -Someone who mustn't have crossed your mind for more than a second.


Thanks for being such an awesome author. I know most people must dismiss your books as fluff, but I've enjoyed thoroughly each and every one of them I've read during the last two years. I'm sorry that I've downloaded them but I promise I'll give you your deserved royalties once I start earning.

Annnnd, more later, like always.


Anonymous said...

i <3 what you wrote for ur granpa ... i can relate wid u paapa

Sadhana. said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOU this post!! <3

Sadhana. said...


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