Hey You!

No, not you obviously. I'm talking about the people who make an impact on our lives. And know nothing, NOTHING about it! It may be a crush, or someone you admire or deeply hate, but we all have that one person or persons who affects our life in such a big way and doesn't know anything about it.

If, for example, it's a crush, just a "Hi" would make your day, would it not? And you would go pester your poor, crap-bearing friends about it. What was that single "Hi" to the other person? NOTHING. Funny, eh? That's the way life works, I 'spose. No one said it was fair. 

If I affect someone's life in any which way, ( which I don't think I do) I want them to come and tell me, "hey! you're making me miserable"  Orr.. we should be able to know somehow what actions of ours affect whom and how.  I'm not making sense. But then, I don't, most of the time. 

So that was my rant. 

Coming to other things. I have my first external tomorrow ( I always seem to write about exams here, don't I?) and that's all I'm going to say about THAT for now. 

Also, I finished reading The Catcher In The Rye today, and...... 

I didn't understand it very much. 

*cough* *cough* 

I feel dumb when that happens. And it happens quite sometimes. 


Anonymous said...

That book was awesome. Try reading it again. Maybe that'll clear things up.
I hate it when that happens. It's like 'What's all the fuss abot?' and then you read it again and it strikes and then, you go, Oh wow! Such a beautiful book!
Good luck with the exams and 100-book challenge!

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