Day 10

Songs you listen to when you're Happy, Sad, Mad, Hyper or Bored.

Erm. I don't have particular songs for all the above categories. I keep going through "song phases", so irrespective of whether I'm sad or mad, I'll listen to the songs I'm listening to at that time.

But, I do certain songs for when I'm in/want to be in a zen state, or songs that get me worked up and energized.

"Calming songs"

1) Going To California- Led Zeppelin.
2)Perfect Day- The Velvet Underground
3)Mad World- Gary Jules
4)Echoes-part1- Pink Floyd
5)The End- The Doors.
6) No Surprises- Radiohead.
7) Creep- Radiohead.
8) Quequ'un M'a Dit- Carla Bruni
9)Yesterday- The Beatles
10) The Rain Song- Led Zeppelin
11) Asleep- The Smiths

"Energizing songs"
1) 2nd Stage- Kids Alive
2) Death Blooms- Mudvayne
3) Zetsubou Billy- Maximum The Hormone
4) Omerta- Lamb Of God.
5) What doesn't kill me makes me stronger- Ektomorf
6) Stupefy-Disturbed.
7) Blackwater Park- Opeth
8) I Love Rock n' Roll- Joan Jett.
9) Children Of The Grave- Black Sabbath.
10) Spit it out- Slipknot.
11)Sinner- Drowning Pool.

Feel good songs.

1) There is a light that never goes out- The Smiths
2) This is the life- Amy Macdonald.
3) Sweet child O' mine- G n R
4) Losing My Religion- R.E.M.
5) Here Comes Your Man- The Pixies.
6) Hyacinth House- The Doors.
7) By The Way- R.H.C.P.
8)Vermillion- Slipknot
9)I'll be your mirror- Nico & The Velvet Underground.
10)The Man Who Sold The World- Nirvana.
11) Take Away My Pain- Dream Theater.


Ananya said...

The Rain Song is my favoritest song.
It's been my ringtone for over an year now.

And you listen to thrash metal?
I never expected that ^-^

The Blue Periwinkle said...

That is one awesome song list!!


Sadhana. said...

Anaya- Yes! It's awesome! :D And thrash metal, ^_^

Tripthi- Thanks! :D I hope you saw the updated list.

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