Day 12

Your favourite season and why.

Spring! Although I'm not really sure if such a season exists in India, at least, in Hyderabad. It seems like either it's HOT or not that hot. The past year it was surprisingly (in a good way) kinda cold. Wait. I got off topic..

So, I like the time when summer's beginning to fade and rainy's not set in just yet. The days are pleasant and you actually feel like getting your butt out there and doing something outdoorsy. THAT season.


Ananya said...

These days you mean? :P
Or may be the days that are beginning to end.

Anonymous said...

I love the rains. And I probably would love Spring if it actuality lasted for a perceptible time. Not like the rains are frequent, but I love the smell!

Sadhana. said...

These days?! NO! They're getting blooody hot!

Lava- The smell! Ah! It can be recreated by using a sprinkler on mud if you're missing it terribly. :D

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