Day 13

Your views on drugs, alcohol and religion.

Drugs: Scary shit. Except of course, pot. Which I want to try once. NO. I'm not going to become a druggie OR a pothead. I just want to listen to comfortably numb when I'm stoned. Going to happen after I graduate. (I hope)

Alcohol:  Don't have a problem with it. Unless

a) you come near me reeking of alcohol
b) you barf out all the shots that you took, that you know you weren't supposed to, near or in front of me.
*runs away at the mention of barf*

*comes back after making sure there's no b*** in sight*

Also, you should know how to keep things in control, and when not to pressurize other people intro drinking. You drink, put on loads of calories, add to that beer belly that's already forming, fine. Don't be judgemental of other's who don't. Or overly cheerful about others who do.

'Limit' is the keyword here.

Religion: Ah. I should probably dedicate a whole post to this. The thing is, I'm confused.
I'm not a believer, I'm not an atheist. I'm not an agnostic either. Or maybe I am. Well, the question here is about religion, and up until a couple days back, Religion was a pet peeve of mine. All the things it makes people do, all the irrational stuff in it, it just drove me mad. Like, really, really mad. It turns out there are some things I can worked up about. Who knew?

Anyway, I had a conversation with a friend which made me realize that I do not know enough about any religion to dismiss it as complete B.S. Nobody can, according to what she was telling, but still, it got me thinking, and er.. I don't have a point to make here. I'm terribly confused.



Ananya said...

You want to try weed AFTER you graduate? Are you serious? :O

Sadhana. said...

Yeah. I'm not very sure about that too. Just, you know, one of the things that you WANT to do, but don't know if you actually will.

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