Some day.

 It's another one of those days. Those that I really, really hate. When nothing makes sense. When I don't see any point in anything. When I want to yell at everyone around just because I can. When I'm always torn between the mad desire to laugh OR cry uncontrollably and end up doing a bit of both. When I write such emo stuff in my blog that I look back on later and wonder, WTF?
When (some)people annoy me. (more than they usually do) Their mere presence makes me repulsed. The t.v. shows keep playing every day. My facebook updates keep changing everyday. The date keeps changing everyday. And I haven't really done  anything. When I notice how much I write in  brackets, ( or wait, is parantheses the right word? ) and wonder if it's correct. And which somehow irks me. ( but I still can't stop.)

You went to school,
But the teachers made you feel a fool
While the children played with joy
You're the one who were avoid

Some day you will find a better place to stay
You'll never need to feel this way again

Show a smile,
They'd like to have you in the members club
They'll buy you drinks and tell you lies
Paper umbrella with some ice.

No one cares,
About that fucking pretty face you have,
It means nothing much this life
So find the highest cliff and dive.

Some day you will find a better place to stay
You'll never need to feel this way again. 

 I'm off now. No. I'm  not going to commit suicide, don't worry. I have to find out if I'll have my happy ending. Oh, I also have to complete this 30 day blog challenge. :P


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