Random crap.

->It feels like I've been living in Zombie land for the past I dunno... few weeks. Everyday, I do nothing and life just passes me by. Too many thoughts. No thoughts at all. An overwhelming urge to write but nothing comes out at all. I feel like an impostor. So... empty. 

->I know that I'm privileged. I have got SO many opportunities and chances that millions of others haven't.

Why? Why me? 

-> Sometimes I'm scared I'm falling into apathy. We all know that that's no good. It would be ironic, really, considering the amount of contempt I have for people like that.

->I've recently read the Kite Runner. I'd watched the movie before, but the book is so disturbing man!!! It's one of the very few books that managed to disturb me this much. 

->I'm devoting this entire week to redecorating my room. I'm on the lookout for band posters and the like. Ideas anyone?

->>Stairway To Heaven is the most epic song, EVER.

->Why is it that my opinions change and perceptions shatter so easily? I mean, I thought Ayn Rand was awesome. I even downloaded all her books and started reading her books on philosophy and then... BAM! I read this and I'm almost like who's Ayn Rand? :/ Shouldn't I have more conviction in something that I believed in for years?

The same's the case with the Art Of Living. I'd attended their YES+ course for four days.. Later.. I saw some articles on the founder which alleged that he was a paedo and stuff and BAM! I started loathing the organization.. I couldn't get past this to look at the relief works that the AOL did.

When will I get over this? Will I ever?

->Why do we have crushes on people? Why? WHY??


The Overthinking Young said...

hahaha I like the last bit the best.indeed,why?? :P

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