Ahm. So here I am again.

  •  I just downloaded free books from Amazon and one was very good, and the other, well, it just pissed me off. 
  • Amazon's AWESOME! Why don't we have something as good in India? :'( 
  • I'm kinda working. Yay! 
  • It's fun to be telling people that! :P 
  • Also takes mind off certain things. (that I haven't been dwelling on much recently, so YAY again!) 
  • Watching Thom Yorke dance is oddly fascinating. I've never seen any choreographed dance that resembles a dance that someone mentally disturbed would do. 
  • I watched Roman Holiday. Audrey Hepburn is fascinating too.
  • Zoo Tycoon and Roller Coaster Tycoon are the BEST.GAMES.EVER. 
  • I've finally narrowed down on my kindle accessories list. :D Can't wait to see it decked up. :P 
  • Also,expect an 'Ode To Kindle' post soon. :P 
  • I feel like college is over. For good. Regardless of the fact that I've still 3 and a half years of it left. 
  • Thatjustdepressedme. 
  • I'll go now. 
  • .-.


Ananya said...

Aww. I felt bad about the last bit. :(

Sadhana. said...


Kya karein?


The Overthinking Young said...

=D Thom Yorke.Agreed.

Anonymous said...

RCTRCTRCT! I loved playing it! In fact, I love all these simulation games!

Kindle-owner. :/

Sadhana. said...


Xox- Me too! Simulation games are THE shit!

Kindle owner, yes? Okay, okay, I'm not THAT big a sell-out. I still buy books. : )

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