Life Lessons

1) A free book worth 95 rs gives me more pleasure than something that I'd bought for 395. Call me cheap, but yes, that's true. I'm ecstatic on seeing ANY book, but the awesomeness of free books? You wouldn't know. Unless of course, you're a book lunatic like me.
2) Expectations, they suck. I'm assuming a happy person is someone who doesn't have high expectations. Remember, I said expectations, not ambition.
3) People are strange, even when you're not a stranger.
4) Life's much better when you're doing something you love. If you're not doing something you love, then learn to love the something that you're doing. This came as a sort of an epiphany to me while I was reading a blog in which the person is SO happy to be doing CS, and I've been trying to "fall in love" with the C language, and computers in general. In fact, I have about 10 tabs explaining HTML open right now. Well, they've been open for two days, but the important fact is that they're there. If nothing else, I can at least learn to design cool blog layouts!
5) All writers are basically attention-seekers in some form or the other. That even includes pseudo-writer me. Just writing that makes me feel happy. Me and "writer" in the same sentence I mean.
6) I'm not a very orderly person. The fact that I'm continuously making lists, is it an indication that I'm becoming orderly, or is that I'm incapable of making all the above points into coherent paragraphs and posts? The latter, mostly, and it's pathetic.
7) Letting go of your inhibitions, isn't necessarily a bad thing. Or as scary as I thought it would be. A tad bit embarrassing, that's all.
8) The word "Posh" can be used in so many ways. It's just so....... posh. And it's my new favourite word. No, google chrome, that is NOT 'favorite'!


Poulomi said...

1- I KNOW HOW IT FEELS. book lunatic right here. ;D

2- I swear, man. Expectations are the mother of all screw-ups. :|


4- So true. Oh and here's the funny thing. I did that too. The whole thing about learning how HTML works. Went over my head. :|

5- One right over here. Whenever anyone calls me a 'writer'.. you'll find me jumping up and down. :P

6- I have a thing for making lists. I have lists for everything you know? :P


8- now, I'm addicted to the word 'Posh'. :D

Take care, you :)

Socially Awkward Paint Monster said...

A posh bookie!

Sadhana. said...

Poulomi- W.O.W. Someone actually agrees with all the 8 points I said. O.o

SAPM- Thaanks! :D

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