I came across these cartoons a while back, the tambrahm ones, and they've helped me pass the time in quite a few boring classes, even though there were times when I was at risk of being sent out of the class for laughing too much or nearly exclaiming "STORY OF MY LIFE!!!" too loudly.  I always thought that there should be something for the Telugu Brahmins too, even though the tambrahm ones equally apply. Little did I know, there IS one! For all the Telugu's or as they shall henceforth be called, Gults. (Pronounced as gultI. Supposed to stand for Telugu pronounced backwards, but there's another meaning for it,which I do not want to tell on my blog. :P Go look it up)

Anyway, these rage comics are THE BEST. Like, the BESSTTT..  I'm going to share some of my favourites from both Gultrage and Tambrahmrage. If you can understand, have fun! Otherwise, have fun! = D

^The Corporate schools and colleges in the state give me the creeps. 

I want to add SOO TRUEE! as the caption for every comic. They're that accurate. And funny. And awesome.

I think I'm going to create a meme too. gultbapanrage.tumblr.com coming right up!

Along with The Timepass Batani Blog. xD

Stay tuned! 


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