What's in a Birthday?

I'm not joking, really, what's in a birthday? Why do we have to celebrate it? I'm not going to be an ass and say  "A birthday is but a step closer to death" like one teacher did, to us 8th graders, but still. I feel like strangling people when they are not excited about their birthdays. For some reason I'm more excited about other people's birthday's than my own. I like picking out gifts that match people's personalities, doing something unique for them, scribbling silly messages on greeting cards. Fun!

When it comes to my birthday however, it seems I've caught the blues. The birthday blues, if that's possible.

Gifts, new clothes, parties, wishes, these are all reasons to be excited, BUT I'm. Still. Not.

I can't believe it's almost a year since the day when the highlight of my birthday was seeing someone's post on my wall. I hope to god, that that isn't the case this time. 

 On an unrelated note, how do you deal with passive agression? How can you let out all those feelings that are brimming inside, threatening to spill over, but never do, and color your behaviour towards people negatively? 


The Overthinking Young said...

I guess birthday's would be fun if only people didn't hang so many expectations onto it.
And other people's birthdays are always so much more fun. =)
Passive Agression?Put some punk on and screaaaam xD It has got to work.

Mehak said...

that line about someone's wall post being the highlight of the day - i've so been there!
cheer up, girl, it is your birthday, comes only once a year and wishes and gifts don't hurt!

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Ah, Birthdays are over rated I fell. :/

Passion aggression...?
Like someone said - put some punk and screaaaaaaaaaaaaam! :e

Hazel said...

I like how birthday's are a person's "special day". But I think the pressure for everything to be perfect ruins it as people can get depressed if things don't go exactly as they pictured it.

And I've been there, waiting to see how many people say happy birthday on FB - it's so sad! Especially since not that many people do lol

P.s I love your blog layout - it's so cute! <3

Meghana said...

I was never excited about my birthday either. It was always during exams and people were too busy studying to pick a nice gift or me. sigh. :|

Birthdays are slightly over rated though.
I always thought it was a little embarrassing when you're cutting the cake and everyone's all, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUU' and things like that. It's weird. But then again, that's just me.

My passive agression has turned very active these days. Knda like punk rock only, haha. :P

Anyway.. I hope your birthday was nice. belated wishes. :)


Sadhana. said...

R.H., yeah, it is because of expectations that everything gets ruined.

Tripthi- Yeah!! \punk/

Mehak- This time it was NOT the highlight of my day, thank goodness! :D

hazel- Thanks! :)

Meghana- Hahaha! Yeah!! I never know what to do then! It was nice, thanks for the wishes!


Muhammad Israr said...

well..yes i kinda of agree with you on this one... sometimes these birthdays get so boring...one just celebrate for the sake of it without enjoying..i mean one should enjoy any day of the year when one feels like it...why wait for one day and that too at 12 midnight even if one is dead tired and sleepy with severe headache but yet one has to keep fighting with sleep till 12 midnight :(

Sadhana. said...

Israr, yeah, absolutely! And I didn't even stay up! :P

Sushmit said...

I certainly share your sentiments. A good book and a jam sandwich is all I require to make any day my birthday. And I absolutely detest that birthday song :P
Cheers!! :D

Indumathy Sukanya said...

Birthdays can be boring after a point...people wish you..some give you gifts...cakes n all that...but towards mid day you're like 'What now?'...true!

And abt the passive aggression...put on your shoes n hit the gym..run a mile on the treadmill with all the aggression you got! You'll feel so much better!

Risha Kalra said...

Hey there,
I feel those blues too and same pinch in feeling excited on someone else's birthday instead! :O

Btw, Singing loud along with a bit of shaking the booty, yes, just like that, might help, lol okay forget it :D

I like your page, yayy! :party

Sadhana. said...

I can't believe so many of you dislike birthdays! o.o

Thanks guys! :)

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