Don't you just love the process of writing? Your fingers going tap tap on the keyboard?  You can magically convey what's going on in your head. You can start revolutions. You can end wars. And the best thing is, you know it'll always be there. It's so therapeutic. It gives one a feeling that someone's actually listening, really hearing what you say. So, I decided to pass on a badge to some of the people who's blogs I love to read. It's my very own "You're awesome" badge.

 So, this goes out to (in no particular order)

           They are a group of 3 friends, who deserve every bit of this. Just a small recent example to show how awesome, recently, when one of them turned 20, she got a FUNERAL on her birthday to mark the end of her teenage years. SOBLOODYCOOLRIGHT? Right! Head over there and say hi to them nao! 

           Now, she is one excellent blogger, with some excellent posts and taste in music! : )
          I've been following her on blogger for quite a while and not only does she write well, she also photographs beautifully!

          While I may or may not agree with her views or Ayn Rand, there's no two ways about it. Her blog's cool!

         I do not know how I came across this blog. Wait, now that I think about it, I think it was from Meghana's profile. (Whose blog you should check out too. Great blogspots in there! ) This guy's writing is sarcastic, witty and just generally awesome.  
      Sardonic, pokingfunattelugupeople, sarcastic and just genuinely awesome posts are what you find in this guy's blog. Seriously. I wish I could write like that. 


That's over now. And btw, if you're reading this, you're awesome too. Feel free to pick up the badge for yourself. I'll be of now. Writing this post has somehow put me in a good mood. Kthanxbaaaaai! 




I think, screw it. I don't care. This doesn't really matter. All that envy of people who are doing things they like, of people having the time of their lives, well, my time will come too. Meanwhile, I should just make the most of what I have right now. Like for example, playing roller coaster tycoon incessantly and watching the big bang theory and living in those universes. You might say I'm just using these as a form of escape from real life, but what is real life anyway? What am I supposed to be doing instead of wasting my time on sitcoms and endless simulation games? Studying, might be an answer, but I don't really care for what I'm studying. I appear to be going through some sort of an existential crisis, because, even subconsciously, the little that I am reading is mostly existentialist literature. I just came to realize that while writing this post. Hm.



That was not really a practical joke but I've fallen in love with BBT. I'm late, but still I'm here. I can't wait to get people to play Rock, Paper,Scissors,Lizard,Spock (Once I get the hang of it, of course) While I've been wallowing in my own despair, my blog, meanwhile seems to have prospered and grown. More than 25 followers? 0.o

Welcome, you all! =)

While it seems, that my post will not be of any considerable use or amusement for any of you, it is only right that I should provide some sort of entertainment, therefore,  I highly recommend that you click on the following link and amuse yourselves thusly.


The true BAZINGA now!

P.S.  I promise I will psot a post worth posting the next time! 

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