We have had sudden holidays for about the last 12 days because of the Telangana agitation,
My schedule had been somewhat like this-
  • Wake up at 11.30
  • Waste time till 1
  • Online till 4
  • Waste time till 5
  • Online till 9
  • Watch masterchef&PLL
  • Online till 3 or 4 and sleep
Very productive, I know. The first 10 days I was absolutely delighted, and my Dad said (sorry, only those of you who know Telugu will understand this) "engineering student ani marchipoyi gali ki tirugutunnavu" :D
Indeed, I did. Forget that I am an engineering student, I mean. And thus, my idyllic existence continues. When I mentioned "online" I mean mostly, playing the Sims. I finally gave in and purchased the sims 3.

 You know when you're playing too much of the sims when you're sitting with your parents and watching t.v. and suddenly you imagine little "social +" signs floating in the air? O_O Yeah, that happened to me. Freaked me out a fair bit too. I didn't play  for the whole night. 

So, from yesterday, the two hour power-cuts have increased to FOUR hours and in a fit of boredom during one such power less hour, I, er, sort of over exercised by doing 70 sit-ups and random exercises that I remembered from idontknowwhere like a maniac and now I can't walk. -__- I really can't walk. I used up about half a bottle of muscle pain relief spray and still my legs feel like lead. HELP. 

Also, http://theviewspaper.co.uk/confessions-of-a-listmaniac-by-meenakshi-reddy-madhavan/, THIS, and i only find out after I google my self? (Yeah, well, I do that. :P) 

When I'm not blogging a bunch of topics come into my head and I type blog posts out too, but when  I actually open the post tab, all I come up with is this. -__- 
Oh, well. 


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