Why this kolaveri di?

For those of you who do not know what I'm talking about, here. It's a song. A fun song. A funny song. Or as the singer says "soup song". However, what it's not is a flop song. This is the first Indian song to receive 2 million hits in a week's time. Every ass on my list has been sharing the link of the song, updating their status yada-yada-yada...  I thought, okay, it's a nice song, mass-y but catchy. Then, every person in my vicinity (wherever it is that I happened to be, right from the bus stop to the bus to the class to the washroom uh, you get the drift) start singing the song. Hm.. I should admit, I started to get a little miffed. And, then, today, when I get home, the bloody news channels air a HALF hour program on the song, and show random people singing it, and butchering the song by telling everyone what each phrase means. This is what I hate about Telugu channels. Or any over exposure in the media.

When you dissect a song so much, you kill it. Don't try to give me the thaathparyam of everything. I'd like for some room to interpret things on my own. Don't force me into believing Lucy in the sky is an LSD song. Maybe, it really is, but for me it's entirely something else.

Another classic case of over exposure is the Airtel HFZ ad, suuuuure, it's nice, but do you have to air it so many bloody times?!

 I just attended a Beatles tribute gig.  'twas brilliant. Singing along to Yesterday, bobbing my head to here comes the sun and going all hyper when " I want to hold your hand" was being played. It was worth standing for hours wearing heels.

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