So I CAN finish something I start after all!!

I finished the 100 books project I started this year.. in 350 days to be precise!

Here is a list of what I'd read:
*Embarrassed about the HUGE amount of chick-lit on there*

1) The Perks Of Being A Wallflower- Stephen Chbosky
2) The Catcher In The Rye- J.D.Salinger.
3) The Picture Of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde
4) The Summer I Turned Pretty- Jenny Han
5) How Not To Be Popular- Jennifer Ziegler
6) A Wrinkle In Time- Madeleine L'Engle
7) A Sea Of Poppies- Amitav Ghosh
8) The Unwritten Rule- Elizabeth Scott
9) 31 Songs- Nick Hornby
10) The Street Lawyer- John Grisham
11) Fight Club- Chuck Palahniuk
12) Choke- Chuck Palahniuk
13) Dexter In The Dark- Jeff Lindsay
14) Dearly Devoted Dexter- Jeff Lindsay
15) Dexter Is Delicious- Jeff Lindsay
16) Dexter By Design- Jeff Lindsay
17) Darkly Dreaming Dexter- Jeff Lindsay
18) Anthem- Ayn Rand
19) The Earth, My Butt, And Other Big Round Things- Carolyn Mackler
20) Arousing Love- M.H. Strom
21) Matchmakers 2.0 -Debora Geary
22) The Kite Runner- Khaled Hosseini
23) It's Kind Of A Funny Story- Ned Vizzini
24) Gossip Girl- Cecily Von Ziegesar
25) You Know You Love Me- Cecily Von Ziegesar
26) Freefall- Mindi Scott
27) Battle For Bittora- Anuja Chauhan
28) Kkrishnaa's Konfessions- Smita Jain
29)What Happened To Goodbye- Sarah Dessen
30) Tales Of Beedle The Bard- J.K.Rowling.
31) Maus part 1- Art Spiegelman
32) Maus part 2- Art Spiegelman
33) I Too Had A Love Story- Ravinder singh(?)
34) Ghost World- Daniel Clowes
35) We Will Always Have Summer -Jenny Han
36) It's Not Summer Without You- Jenny Han
37) Gossip girl 3- Cecily Von Ziegesar
38) Gossip girl 5-Cecily Von Ziegesar
39) Gossip Girl 6-Cecily Von Ziegesar
40) Gossip Girl 7- Cecily Von Ziegesar
41) Gossip Girl 8-Cecily Von Ziegesar
42) Gossip girl 9- Ceccily Von Ziegesar
43) Gossip girl 13-Cecily Von Ziegesar
44) Dead Reckoning- Charlaine Harris
45) Crash Into Me- Albert Borris
46) Godspeed - The Kurt Cobain Graphic- Barnaby Legg, Jim McCarthy and Flameboy
47) The Music Room- Namita Devidayal
48) Persepolis- The story of a childhood- Marjane Satrapi
49) Persepolis- The story of the return- Marjane Satrapi
50) Disclosure- Michael Crichton
51) All And Nothing- Raksha Bharadia
52) Looking For Alaska- John Green
53) Theodore Boone- John Grisham
54) Lullaby- Chuck Palahniuk
55) Are you there Vodka? It's me Chelsea- Chelsea Handler
56) Chasing Harry Winston- Lauren Weisberger
57) Summer Sisters- Judy Blume
58) An Equal Music- Vikram Seth
59) The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy- Douglas Adams
60) The restaurant at the end of the universe- Douglas Adams
61) Life, the universe and everything else- Douglas Adams
62) So long,and thanks for all the fish- Douglas Adams
63) Mostly harmless- Douglas Adams
64) The painter of signs- R.K.Narayan
65) The Bachelor of arts- R.K.Narayan
66) The world of Nagaraj- R.K.Narayan
67) Waiting for the Mahatma- R.K.Narayan
68) Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone- J.K.R.
69) A short history of nearly everything- Bill Bryson
70) The Stranger- Albert Camus
71) The village by the sea- Anita Desai
72) The bell jar- Sylvia Plath
73) Survivor- Chuck Palahniuk
74) Hello, Mallory! - Ann M Martin
75) Snuff- Chuck Palahniuk
76) Carrie- Stephen King
78) Insomnia- Stephen King
79) Firestarter- Stephen King
80) Bag of bones- Stephen King
81) Paper Towns- John Green
82) Welcome back,Stacey- Ann M.Martin
83) Will Grayson and Will Grayson- John Green
84) Keeping the moon- Sarah Dessen
85) Just listen- Sarah Dessen
86) Dreamland- Sarah Dessen
87) That summer- Sarah Dessen
88) The ineligible bachelors- Ruchita Misra
89) English, August- Upamanyu Chatterjee
90) The inscrutable Americans - Anurag Mathur
91) Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets- J.K.Rowling
92) Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban- J.K.Rowling
93) Razor's edge- William Somerset Maugham
94) Best of Batman volume II- Various
95) Surely, you're joking Mr.Feynman- Richard Feynman
96) Mystery of the hidden house- Enid Blyton
97) Interview with the vampire- Anne Rice
98) India Is for Sale- Chitra Subramaniam
99) The metamorphosis and other short stories- Franz Kafka
100)  Ice boys in bell bottoms- Krishna Shastri Devulapalli

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