Dear Blog,

Today, I woke up and played temple run  for two hours.

Today, I finally saw who/what ShinChan is.

Today, I saw a documentary about a family of monkeys named Rani, Isha, and Diya.

Today, I ate bread with cheese, and chilli powder. And garam masala.

Today, I listened to two lectures about the economy and regularization.

Today, I took more medicines than I probably needed to.

Dear blog,

tomorrow I have a Math external.


Dear Facebook,

I hate you. Please die.

Yours hatefully,


Notes to self:

: NEVER  drink on an empty stomach. And ride in a car which is going at 80 kmph. EVER.
: People will be people will be people. And you will never understand or like 99.99% of them.
: Read ALL the books mentioned in the Portable atheist. ALL.
: Explore the freak-folk sub culture.
: Stop trying too hard for some things.
: Start trying hard for certain others.
: *try* to be less snobby.
: Sing. Singing makes you happy.
: Blog more.
: Also, no more drinking until you achieve something. Anything.

P.S. HPMania, thank you! :) Your comments make my DAY. I visit your blog SO many times but I can't comment! Please disable the word verification! 

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