Dear Blog,

Today, I woke up and played temple run  for two hours.

Today, I finally saw who/what ShinChan is.

Today, I saw a documentary about a family of monkeys named Rani, Isha, and Diya.

Today, I ate bread with cheese, and chilli powder. And garam masala.

Today, I listened to two lectures about the economy and regularization.

Today, I took more medicines than I probably needed to.

Dear blog,

tomorrow I have a Math external.



Mark said...

Sounds like you're having a pretty decent day.

Kumar Luv said...

Maths! That dangerous thing

Hope you handled it well :)

phatichar said...

Whatever, you score pretty high on wry humor, you gonna be back. :)

BragonDorn said...

That sounds like a real productive day :mj

Meghana said...

I HATE SHIN CHAN. My 8 year old sister tortures me everyday. There's nothing else that she watches on tv. x(

I'm usually not that bad at math, but I always screw up my exams for no rhyme or reason. :|

Spiritual Sinner said...

hahhaha ... Now , that's an HONEST blog post :D

Sadhana. said...

@Mark: yes, indeed, I was, but for the slightly discomforting matter of a Final the next day!

@Kumar Luv: HAHAHAHAH! That meme's so funny! :D

@phatichar: Thanks for the all the comments! :)

@BragonDorn: xD

@Meghana: Oh god. That must be terrible. I'm sure she will outgrow it. Or better, show her some good ol' nick style cartoons, so that you can watch along with her. :)
As for Math, it's a demon that one. That always used to happen in inter with me too!

@Spiritual Sinner: Well, it's my blog you know? Where else can I be honest about my "productive" habits? :D

Raja said...

Where am I ? blog or your personal diary....

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