Notes to self:

: NEVER  drink on an empty stomach. And ride in a car which is going at 80 kmph. EVER.
: People will be people will be people. And you will never understand or like 99.99% of them.
: Read ALL the books mentioned in the Portable atheist. ALL.
: Explore the freak-folk sub culture.
: Stop trying too hard for some things.
: Start trying hard for certain others.
: *try* to be less snobby.
: Sing. Singing makes you happy.
: Blog more.
: Also, no more drinking until you achieve something. Anything.

P.S. HPMania, thank you! :) Your comments make my DAY. I visit your blog SO many times but I can't comment! Please disable the word verification! 


Mark said...

Well you have to be in a car that's going 88 to get to the future. These are some good goals though, best of luck with them.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! bd

Indumathy Sukanya said...

LOL...simple and to the point :)
And keep them too, like you kept your book reading thing :):)

phatichar said...

Note to self:

- Check this blog everyday.

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