All the Hyderabadis: fest alert!

My very own sadistic college is coming up with a (gasp) LITERARY fest! Actually, it's by the oratory club of the college that I had talked about in an earlier post ( I had to delete it for er, reasons, later on), and of which I am currently, the general secretary. So the fest is called Odyssey and we have a host of speaking, writing as well as informal events:

  • J.A.M.
  • Debate
  • Extempore
  • Group Discussion
  • Cliff Hanger
  • Dead End
  • Reflect Thyself
  • Tech-talk
  • What do you see?
  • Spell Bee
  • Mr and Ms Odyssey

More details can be found at

DO try to come! :)

Nostalgia #1

I find that most of the time, I live in the past, because you know, everything seems better in retrospect.

So, I am going to start a series "Nostalgia", and post about the things that make me nostalgic. Anyone who's reading this is welcome to join this too. Leave your post links in the comments and I shall link back to them.

The first things that I'm going to talk about are......... VIDEO GAMES!

I got my first video game console when I was 6 years old. It was a hand-me-down from some much older cousins of mine, but I loved it! I used to play endless hours of games with a neighbour, who was almost ten years older than I was. Now that I think about it, it seems funny to imagine two such creatures playing Mario together! I also have fond memories of getting almost getting electrocuted when one day, I couldn't wait to play video games and I washed my hands after eating lunch and somehow put my finger in the switchboard hole without wiping my hands! ( I was 6, and the wiring was bad. I still have the scar)

And then there was "The Gun" which was an epic accessory (then), used to shoot ducks, and bandits in some cowboy themed game, the name of which
I do not seem to re-collect. It was almost like a status symbol

*In awe*
"You have a gun?!"

*Other person, smugly*

"Yes, I do. Wanna play Duck Hunt?"

*In 7 year old video game heaven*

-Bomber Man!

-Kung Fu!

Mario, Contra, Adventure Island, Olympics, Circus, Urban Champion, Kung-fu, Popeye, Ice-climber are just some of the games that come to my mind when I think about that glorious time. We had those casettes, which claimed to have 999999 in 1 but had the same 10 or 20 games all over again!

Mario, of course, is everybody's all time favourite. Trying to make it to the eighth world without resorting to the cheats, trying to gain as many lives as possible, and oh, the happiness when you discovered a "secret" in the game, like the 1 up you get in the first level!

Contra! Two epic fighters with guns, and cool moves battling Ireallydon'trememberwhat, but it was ultra-cool. I especially loved the waterfall level .

Adventure Island was the first ever game I played. My Dad taught me, but then he forgot how to play it himself a few months later, and I remember teaching him and feeling very proud of my self. I love the music of this game!

Olympics was one more favourite of ours. I could always only go till the skeet shooting thing. 100m dash, Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Javelin Throw (in which I always made the world record :D), and the ever dreadful Archery.

Urban Champion was fun+funny. it had two guys battling it out on a street, the aim being to force the other down a gutter, with the chance that flower pots can be thrown at your head by old ladies peeking out of windows! I can't go on about all the games, but boy, they were all AWESOME!

Summer vacations were spent at a cousin's place where everyone used to fight for turns to play, and of course, me being the second youngest, I had to be content with just watching. But I never got bored really. Till date, I can watch people play games without being bored (except the one's on phones or small devices where I cannot really follow the game.)

Recently, at the same cousins place (she's 24 now) we found an old console THAT STILL WORKED! Although it didn't have Mario or Contra it had plenty of other games which we played to our hearts content, we called it our "retro-video game session" One of the most memorable times in this year, for me. ( See the first image. Taken in 2012! =] )

So, that was my #1 of the Nostalgia series. What's yours?


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