This year!

// I am going to make it thought this year, if it kills me!

I haven't been able to get that line out of my head for quite a few days now. It's getting annoying.

I have my last external of second year tomorrow. It's right about 9 p.m. now and I am not done with a single unit. I thought i would be long past these rant posts of mine. But ohwhattheheck? They're fun to look back on and groan later. I realised treat I haven't written anything about these exams and wow, that would be a shame wouldn't it ?

I'm probably the one who's most surprised at this, but I've managed to pass two years, four whole semesters without extra baggage (if you know what I mean) I haven't even finished my 2-2 exams yet, but I'm positive. I just hope I pass tomorrow's exam as well.

So this either means I'm fuckin intelligent because come on, being a so called IT student all forms of codes and and computer knowledge eludes me, but still somehow I passed with average grades, Orr it just goes to show how rotten the education system is. I've had a talk with a cousin who studied b.s. computers in the u.s, and from the likes of what he told me, if it were anywhere else I would be required to do projects in each subject. PROJECTS!

The very thought of doing them is appaling, but I suppose that for those who are interested, it's the best way to learn.

So, er yeah, three cheers to Indian engineering! Jai sreenidhi!

P.s. I've become quite rusty at this writing posts business .I'm going to have improve a lot this month. And post regularly. No, this time I really am going to do it.

P.p.s. a quote I really loved


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