Liverpool vs. Man.U

As a result of a rather strange experiment/deal that I made with a friend, it so transpired that I watched the entireity of the Liverpool vs Manchester United EPL match that took place earlier.

First of all, what I know about football is this:

The basic rules

A few league clubs

The names of a few players

Everything that's there in an epic show called "Hungry Heart"

Oh Kyosuke! How I miss you!

And that, for some reason, most guys go CRAZY about it.


So, I kept a note of what I thought of the match as it progressed. Be warned, football fans will be seriously offended till the end of the first half. I was really out of sync, and I just didn't get into the match. AND I started watching it late.

6:01- Whoa! They're shoving each other!

7:27- Why is Borini's head so weird?

7:43- The heck are they chanting?!

8:16- Ohhhhhhhh! YNWA! ?

10:22- SO much running!!!

And tripping!

Wait, was that deliberate?

13:01- Is that how they tackle? Hm. Hungry heart didn't have that.

14:56- Wait. Is this match at Anfield?!

15:47-  My god effing fast!!

Nice spot of dribbling there.

17:31- WHY crowd why? Why are you so excited? Is there something that I'm not getting?

And then I drift off for quite a while....

Suddenly, at about 39:-- RED CARD!

Whoa. That didn't look like one to me. (Not that I really know. But, something)

And, off I drifted again.

43:51- The commentators are saying the players' name without any emotion. It's like they're reading out words at the Scripps national spelling bee.

"Kelly. Agger. Gerrard."

Second half:

WHOA! Whaaaat a slick goal! Steven Gerrard! Hahahahahaahaha close up of him looks so funny!
Some excitement near the posts. Had no clue about the goings on the mid-field.

48:05- Is that.. sledging that I see?

52:00 - Rafael goal!! He looks like a sly little kid!

60:-- - Wait. Why wasn't this yellow card, red?

Whoa. Time has flowwwn by. 60 minutes already?!

62:11- What sorta mess up was that?

65- Finally. Some names I recognize

69:34- Liverpool seem far more feisty than Man U. They're just chilling yo.

76:05- Ouchhhhh. Agger! That looks painful. No card?

78:17-. OMG stretcher?


Van P dude looks very shifty.

So smug.

Man. All of Man U look douche-y.

That's it. I don't like this Persie dude. I've decided.

80:32 -  What sorta goal was THAT??!!!!!!!??

Reina, dude, chill.

84-- Being a bit drama queeny MU?

Kelly Kelly, what didja do?

90:00 it's over Liverpool, you lose.


91:46 drama,drama.

Even with my er, limited knowledge I could see that the poor Liverpool chaps had a rough deal. When watching a match, I generally support one team or the other, for some superficial reason or the other, but this one, I was just watching. I don't like the great "Manchester United" that has taken over much of Hyderabad's sporting stores, etc (gosh, it's just darn boring to like what every single person supposedly 'worships') and I don't like Liverpool either.

This match watching exercise was a part of um.. inquisitive journalism. I wanted to get some insight into the question that has plagued me quite a bit sometimes, WHY is it so popular?! (Football or Manchester Utd., both)

Did I find the answer? Well, no. Yes, the time sure flies by fast. Yes, it must be pretty exciting to be a part of a 100k crowd and support a team, and be a part of the "group", but I for one, will always prefer delving into books, and made up worlds rather than the tactics and statistics and games of Football, or any other sport. It's... alright though, in the end.

Ahem. Now, if you're a guy, and a football fan who's reading this, don't go shaking your head thinking "girls and football, this is what comes about". I'm just not very into this football business, there may be other girls who are. Okay? Okay. (Even if you're a girl. Girls can be sexist too)



Mark said...

There are several girls into football so it's not just a guys thing. But I don't really get it either. I'll watch a game with my brother, but that's to spend time with him. I don't really watch it on my own, or really care about it.

Meghana said...

Ehehehe. I know how it is. I tried watching a football match once and came to the conclusion that cricket was actually more interesting. Only in comparison with football. Cricket's boring too, most of the times. Unless it's a world cup final and India's playing. That's when patriotism takes over I guess. :P

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