Lessons in life

Always back up the data in your computer.

Always run a malware detection software, especially if you visit shady websites for that elusive episode of a tv show you were watching.

And when your virus filled malware ridden computer tells you that an attacker is trying to access your credit card details as you punch them in with gusto finally having decided on what to buy on flipkart, DONT PANIC.

Even if you do panic, do not delete about 50 gb of that movies and music collection you laboriously built up over 4 years in a minute.

Yup, you guessed it. I did all of those.

Serves me right for all those episodes of Game Of Thrones, Parenthood, Skins, and Girls I guess.

On that note, does anyone know where I can watch Skins season 6 (UK) online????

Blog a ton month!

Yes. I'm not kidding. Whatever form the post may be in, I solemnly declare that I will publish a post every day of the month for the month of June. Challenge accepted, you-know-who-you-are.

My first, post excuse the randomness, is um well, this?

There are some exciting stories, a sort of blast from the past per se, that I will be working on soon. I have also applied for an internship, and I hope that falls through.

Third year of engg finally ends! With just one more unexamy exam to go, I will be freeeee of college for an entire month during the course of which I hope to accomplish many many tasks!

I will end it on a cheery note!


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