The Reluctant .COM

I, Sadhana C, am the of a .com, for my own blog. Although this seemed to be a rather good thing at the time that I bought it (for a 99p deal), now it just seems rather.. pretentious to me. I have nothing of substantive importance to say, what the heck am I doing with a website of my own? At the time, and I suppose even now, I feel that it is very important professionally, and sets one apart from many others who blog/write online. It's your own website you know? But having said that, it would only set one apart if it had things of importance. Or links to previously published work. Or any work of any sort. Right now all it has are a few half baked posts (okay, one that I'm rather proud of), and a bunch of tumblr posts which are just basically re-blogged.

There is still close to year left and I hope to make it worthy by then.

What do you think? Is having a .com to my name not justified?



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