Comic Con Fun!

Colourful, crowded and CRAZY are the words that best sum up my experience at the Comic Con Express, Hyderabad. After multiple plans and fails, and giving up and the usual hoopla that is accompanied with any plan that I make to venture out of the vicinity of my house, I finally managed to get to Comic Con with a couple of friends and a cousin.

I was greeted with about 70 people queuing to get inside, and
“Hey! This is just like a cricket match!”
“What thee”
“Look! There’s Batman!”
“Whee this is going to fun”
were our immediate reactions. The line moved fast and we were inside in about 15 minutes, and whooa! the atmosphere inside was electric! The place was extremely crowded, people spilling from one end to the other, everywhere you looked! Almost everyone had their phones/cameras out and were clicking away! I spotted the various iconic characters making their way around, being stopped in between for photo requests! Wonder Woman, Lara Croft, Bane, Superman, Batman, Ironman, Hulk, Catwoman, and of course, lots and lots of The Joker’s! There were these people with gas masks and guns who looked really cool, but I’m not really sure what they were. They looked like those people from CounterStrike.

My over-enthusiastic cousin who purchased the shirt and proceeded to wear it right there. 

Then there were the stalls. Oh the merch! The merch! I’m sure everyone’s pockets had felt a deep pinch. I know mine did. I walked out with only about 100 rupees left. What surprised me was how much people were actually buying. The uber expensive toys and costumes and collectibles were also being bought by lots of people. I was a store which sold posters and tees, and there was a guy who’d bought about 12 posters, ran out money, and was going to come back the next day. “You should seriously get a credit card machine, everyone has it nowadays!” I heard him crib. There were tees for almost every fandom that exists and tees catering to the biryani loving Hyderabadi.

The stalls that I liked the most:

    • They are an online t-shirt store and what I liked best about them was the variety and quality in their designs. From unique comical concepts like “The Averagers” to creative, well thought out designs, they had a lot of variety to choose from.

    • Here was Aditya Chilumula, an 18 year old charcoal drawing specialist whose drawings were put up as exhibits and some of them were spectacular!
    • Well, they had Dexter, BBT AND Game of Thrones shirts!

      Here's the one I got:

  • Westland
    • They had Samit Basu’s Local Monsters and other graphic novels.
    • All those toys, costumes I was talking about earlier? These guys had them!

    • They had the most amazing cupcakes, they were custom made to suit the “comic” fan too!

    • They are a youth website focused on colleges and college events, and they had a contest going on for writers! Plus, they had these cool props that people could pose with and take pictures, which all of us proceeded to do.

While it was fun, I felt that the whole comic con experience can be stepped up for the next time. The space was too small for the number of people inside, and the workshops that were being conducted were just a few chairs around a stage amidst all the stalls. The workshops were one of the reasons I’d actually decided to go to the event, but once there, there was no way I could actually find a place to stand and listen and breathe air at the same time. It was that crowded around the stage. Plus, I think the focus could have been a bit more on the activities, the stalls could have very well been a part of any other convention, the fun things are what makes it Comic Con!

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