In which this blog turns 4

It is a coincidence that I chose today of all days to come back to my blog. Because tomorrow is the day that this blog turns four. Four long years I've been venting out in this space, and when I look back at my blogging sojourn, I'm pleasantly surprised. I've written decent things in that "OHgodWai" style of mine that I used to have. I've made some wonderful friends through this blog, and I've discovered some amazing blogs. Looking back at some of my old posts I realize I've actually managed to make people stop to read my posts an even comment, and this serves as a great boost in my steadily drooping self-confidence. Looking at this blog I can also see how I've changed, in some ways. I think I've also written about this before. The words don't seem to flow out as they used to before, and the emotions seem much more . . . flat. Perhaps this is who I've become, the person with the business-like writing, without any flair.

I guess what I really wanted to say, was thank you. Thanks to each and every one who visited this blog, left a comment and thereby made my day. =)

P.S. On second thoughts, maybe I haven't lost that melodramatic thing yet, because, see, I've barely written a hundred posts over 4 years, and have less than 50 followers, and yet so much o.a.!


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