Songs Of My Life

Rumi. That's what I'll call him, because that's what he called himself, even though his name was Ramanath. He was like one of those songs that could make you ecstatic when you hear them once, or sob with grief another time that you heard them, and you didn't know why. He was like one of those songs that defined every waking second you spent. The song that you listened to so many times that there isn't one particular memory associated with it, but all the memories of every single time that you listened to it - the joys, the pains, the frustrations and the hopes - all tied to that particular melody.

Times change. People change. Songs don't. And in the flux that my life was, Rumi became one of those songs that meant the world to you once, but didn't anymore.

And now there's Neel. He's like one of those songs that you never thought you'd like, but somehow, you do. You don't think it's the best song- it defies every item on your checklist of "What Makes A Great Song", but it still manages to sound pleasant, and surprise you once in a while, even when you thought you knew all there was to it. I guess there's nothing more to ask for, really.


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