Good Riddance Engineering

As I'm writing this, the time is 7:18 p.m. and I haven't yet started studying for my last ever engineering exam. LAST EVER ENGINEERING EXAM! I never thought the day would arrive! This blog over the last years has witnessed some of my rants about exams, engineering, and math. As my engineering life's end approaches, I thought I should blog about it here. It's been an interesting four years. An "experience". By which you must have guessed how, um, enriching it was. There's no use in regretting any of it, so I'm going to celebrate the end of my non-life. It's time to really start living and participating now. Hopefully, journalism school beckons soon and I can finally study and practice something I really love, but even if it doesn't, (it all hinges upon an interview I have coming up in Chennai), I know I've tried.

Exam beckons. Ohnoesssssss. Image processing and colours and signals and spectrums and whatnot.


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